All you gotta do.... is show up.... that's it.... to as many classes as you can between January 1 to February 29th 2020

Register by entering your name on the board at reception - then each time you attend any arise.YOGA or zen.CYCLE class get your teacher to pop a sticker next to your name. At the end of the Challenge the person with the most stickers will win one of these amazing prizes.

1st Prize

Most visits in the time frame

3 Months Unlimited Membership

Desert Jade 'Yogi Peace Club' Premium Yoga Mat

2nd Prize

2nd Most visits in the time frame

1 Month Unlimited Membership

Studio Grade Bolster

3rd Prize

3rd Most visits in the time frame

3 Restorative Yoga Credits

Studio Grade Basic Yoga Mat

All prizes are non-refundable and are not redeemable for cash

Prizes of Memberships/classes may be transferred

All Memberships/classes must be redeemed immediately with all expiring by

31st May 2020

Normal Membership & Class Prices Apply