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Members Exclusives

January 2022

Each month arise.YOGA brings Special events and offers to our cherished Members. 

January is all about sharing experiences and bringing in the New Year with a sense of joy and curiosity! 

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Share the love of Movement with friends and family this month. Invite a guest along to either of our Saturday Morning session as a gift from us to you. Please be sure to advise us in advance of your intentions and we will be so happy to share our space with you and those close to your heart.

Members Special Event

This blindfolded practice will connect you deeply with your inner world and leave you feeling centered and renewed. 

Pratyahara is a Sanskrit word meaning "withdrawal of the senses.” The two root Sanskrit words of pratyahara are prati, which means “to withdraw,” and ahara, which means “food;” in this case, “food” refers to any external stimuli that you consume with your mind.


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