22 May 2021

Get into the swing of Yoga and Fly!

Aerial Yoga Workshops are here.

Aerial yoga is practised in a silky swing, suspended from the roof to support and assist your yoga postures.

Being suspended in the air gives you more space to move and reduces joint and spine compression. This means you’ll be able to perform yoga poses that may be out of your limits on the floor.

No experience necessary, and complete beginners to aerial or even yoga can climb aboard. There are no requirements what so ever. If you would like to release some back, neck or hip pain.... then swing away. 

Don’t underestimate the stress relief that stems from hanging around in a yoga pose.

Please wear fitted clothing, no watches, rings or bracelets, no long earrings and no zips on your clothing. Please bring water bottle and towel.

$20 members, $30 non-members.

Members are those on a 1 or 3 month upfront membership, or those on a fortnightly direct debit. (members are not those on 10 day trials, or class packs)

Members please use the code MEMBER10 at checkout.

To book, click on link below.

terri swing 2.jpg
teesh swing.jpg

Please disclose any health concerns with your teacher and it is advisable to consult your Doctor or Health Professional prior to commencing any new form of physical activity. There are no refunds or extensions, pass may be transferred. If member code used in error, remaining payment will be automatically deducted.


Please do not book aerial yoga if you are pregnant as you will be denied access should you disclose this information. If you practice pregnant without disclosing this information you do so at your own risk.

Aerial Yoga Toowoomba &, Aerial Yoga Highfields is so much fun for all.