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The Anti-gravity Foundations Workshop

Aerial Yoga is an incredibly decompressive and supportive experience for the whole body. Often referred to as Anti-gravity Yoga, our Foundations Workshop takes you through a staged approach and welcomes everyone from beginners to the seasoned Yogi. Stage Sessions run for 90 Minutes & must be completed in sequence in order to begin attending our Open Classes.

We are so passionate about empowering you in your experience of Aerial Yoga and our Foundation Workshop gives you the tools to feel secure & confident in your practice. We will be releasing regular timetabled Aerial Yoga Sessions and will require the Foundations Workshop to be completed for you to participate. This ensures you have the skills and tools to enjoy regular classes in the Silks and can progress into more advanced sessions. 

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Image by Conscious Design

How it Works

Multiple Staged Session will be held throughout the week & you may choose to redo a Stage to take the time to progress with confidence. Please view our timetable to book a session

Session 1, 2 & 3 can be purchased separately as a Stage Credit.  



or you can purchase the full 3 Stages 



Feel free to mix and match dates from our timetable to complete the full  3 Stages

Please select the dates you desire prior to attending and be sure to book early to avoid disappointment as our numbers for the Stages are limited. Classes are kept small in our Stages to ensure you get all the mentoring you require. 



Stage 1 Foundations

The Stages of the of our Foundations Workshop introduces you to the essentials of Aerial Yoga. Throughout this 90 minute Session you will learn the core components of grips, traps and wraps which will orientate you when you leave the ground. We will explore movement and asana in the hammock at ankle and knee height getting you comfortable with taking a load of and trusting the supports of the silks. 

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me swing.jpeg

Stage 2 Foundations

In Stages 2 we move into the High Hammock, learning to give weight to the Silks and using them as a tool to support better movement, flexibility and mobility. We will also introduce semi-inversions, using the Silks to reduce the forces of gravity and experience decompression through the spine. 


Stage 3 Foundations

Stages 3 will introduce full inversions and more dynamic postures in complete support of the hammock. You will well and truly be leaving the ground and experiencing the enormous benefits of  decompression through inversions as well as some serious core conditioning. In the final session we will consolidate all you've learnt and you'll feel prepared to enter a Class and begin your Aerial journey! 

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