Beginners Yoga

Weekend Workshop


Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st

February 2021

Ever wanted to start or get back into yoga? This popular Beginner's Yoga Workshop is a great way to gain the confidence and encouragement you may be looking for to begin or revisit your Yoga journey.

Suitable for complete beginners, this beautifully structured Workshop will guide you through breathing techniques, asanas (yoga poses), yogic flows and meditation techniques.

Learn breathing techniques commonly used in Yoga.
Work through seated postures using support such as blankets, bolsters, straps and blocks (all supplied and cleaned before and after use).
Discover a yogic flow as we learn the basic steps of the very commonly used Sun Salutation A and Sun Salutation B.

Explore more complex breathing techniques.
Begin to move through twists, back bends, arm balances and inversions.
Piecing it all together in a gentle flowing class and completing the weekend with a taste of Restorative Yoga and a Guided Meditation​.

Equipment Required
All of this equipment will be supplied, but if you own the following, please bring with you.

(all equipment is available for purchase in studio or via the online shop)

Yoga mat
Yoga strap (or long scarf)
2 Yoga blocks

2 x 120 min sessions
10 am to 12 noon


Held at arise.YOGA, Jacaranda Manor, 10498 New England Highway, Highfields.


Please wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely, tights for women and shorts or long pants for men, with a loosely fitted top is perfect. Shoes will be left at the door on your way in.


For more information please call Terri on 0417 821 682.

Please disclose any health concerns with your teacher and it is advisable to consult your Doctor or Health Professional prior to commencing any new form of physical activity.