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Belle is passionate about Holistic Health and has trained and qualified in various realms (over the past 8 years), including:

·         Yoga Teaching, (specialising in Yoga for toddlers – adults and those with specific needs);

·         Bach Flower Remedies;

·         Emotional Freedom Technique;

·         AromaTouch Technique;

·         Ceremonial Cacao Facilitation

·         and more!

Belle’s Yoga journey officially began around the age of 17, when she was living in England and visiting family in Switzerland. The very first studio she visited was small but with grand views! Belle was the youngest in the group, not speaking any Italian and yet, she felt so at home in herself!

Belle rose in love with Yoga and especially the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual benefits she witnessed in herself. Upon returning to Australia, Belle completed 350 hours of Yoga Teacher Training, with My Health Yoga. In 2019, Belle completed a further 117 hours of Yoga Teacher Training, for Toddlers – Teens and those with specific needs, through Inspired Kids Yoga.

Over the past 4 years, Belle has been Teaching Yoga in Australia, Nepal and Denmark, for Toddlers – Adults and those with specific needs, including:

·         Respiratory conditions (including Asthma)

·         Autism Spectrum (including Asperger)

·         Digestive complaints / Nutrition

·         Anxiety

·         Dissociation

·         Sleep (including insomnia, nightmares / dreams)

·         Depression

·         Trauma & PTSD (including sexual abuse)

·         Drug & alcohol abuse

·         Fatigue

·         Cancer

·         Brain impairment (including injury, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy) 

·         Diabetes

·         and more!

It is through Yoga and other realms of Holistic Health, that Belle has been able to transform traumas into treasures and she feels passionately about helping others to do so in themselves also. Belle is able to cater classes to individuals and their needs and she looks forward to sharing this magic movement and meditation with you all.


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