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Mens Only Yoga


11th October to 6th of December 2021

Mondays 7pm to 8pm

9 Week Term

After lots of requests we have come to terms with the fact that some Men may be slightly uncomfortable around bendy women in lycra (which I need to state before we go any further - 1 - we aren't all bendy - 2 - we don't all wear lycra)...... but anyways..... we listen and we act.

So, right here in Highfields - you can now get bendy with your "Bro" right next to you.

Some reasons why you should get bendy with ya Bro's...

1. You can reduce the pain in your back.
2. You can reduce the pain in your neck - (no, not your wife)... the actual physical pain.
3. You can get more bendy and maybe even feel the need to wear the lycra.
4. You can increase the length of your hamstrings....... and ultimately back to point 1 - the pain in your lower back.
5. You can loosen your glutes..... and back to point 1 - the pain in your lower back.
6. You can loosen your hips, your shoulders, your chest.

and our favourite

7. You can loosen and clear your mind and step away from your busy for a short space of time.

What you can expect in your weekly 1 hour class is a traditional Hatha practice which combines strength, stability and breath as you get to stay in an asana (pose) for a lengthy amount of time, and whether you are a seasoned Yogi, or a complete beginner, this is the best way to lengthen, strengthen and understand how to move your body well. Completing your Yogic journey with a lengthy guided meditation (Savasana).

Held 7 to 8pm on Mondays at arise.YOGA Highfields, 10498 New England Highway.

15 spaces only
$135 for the full term ($15 a week) 

$20 casual

(for casual bookings head to the timetable)

Equipment Required
All of this equipment will be supplied, but if you own the following, please bring with you.

(all equipment is available for purchase in studio or via the online shop)

Yoga mat
Yoga strap (or long scarf)
2 Yoga blocks


Held at arise.YOGA, Jacaranda Manor, 10498 New England Highway, Highfields.


Please wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely, LYCRA, shorts or long pants. Shoes will be left at the door on your way in.


For more information please call Josie on 0488 150 320.

Please disclose any health concerns with your teacher and it is advisable to consult your Doctor or Health Professional prior to commencing any new form of physical activity. 

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