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Feel like you need some Yoga in your life but you have no one to look after the kids? Well we are the answer to your prayers. We now offer childcare at our Friday 9.15am Slow Flow Yoga Class.

Yoga at a Yoga Studio is intimate, safe, secure and non-judgemental. Everyone is there to escape the stress, the hassles of the past or the future, and just find time for you in this moment.

The kids will be within 50 metres of the studio in a beautiful undercover, lockable area with a trained and blue carded carer - so you are not far if they need you, but far enough that you are completely removed.

Please click on the link below to book the entire term. Casuals may be available depending on space as we only have room for 8 kids.

9 October to 11 December 2020

Please send your child in comfy, weather relevant clothing. Please pack them a drink bottle and a snack. Please ensure they go to the toilet prior to class. Please bring a pram if your baby is not walking.