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Taken at a slow and steady pace, the hatha practice is the traditional asana practice. You will spend time in each pose, giving you more time to enter, enjoy the asana, and time to exit, remaining mindfully aware of your body & breath at all times. Slower transitions and longer holds allows us to focus on alignment, breath and the movement from one asana to the next. This class is perfect for everyone from beginners to the seasoned Yogi.

Iyengar Yoga Class Triangle


A flowing and invigorating practice where we synchronise movement with the breath. Your teacher will take you on a journey that builds with intensity and warmth. A faster paced class than hatha, this class is suitable for all levels as newer students have the opportunity to modify poses and remain right where they need, whilst seasoned yogis can explore depth in their practice.

Yoga Class


The best of both worlds. We slow down your vinyasa flow gently travelling through a sequence of asana’s. Connecting all our moves with our breath, this soulful practice gradually builds heat, strength and openness, whilst also allowing us lengthy moments of yin. Depending on your teacher, this class could be split into a gentle vinyasa flow through the first half, relaxing into yin for the second..... or maybe your teacher combines the two throughout.... either way this class is suitable and recommended for all.

Stretch with Block


Yin Yoga is a slower, deeper and more mindful approach to your yoga practice with long holds in lovely relaxing poses to hydrate, strengthen and lengthen deep into the connective tissues of the body. Yin cannot exist without Yang and we need both in our lives – it’s always nice to step back and nourish the body and mind as a complete unit. Suitable and recommended for all.

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Pump up your practice with this class that combines traditional Yoga Asana, PIlates and Barre with gentle weight and resistance training. Get stronger, leaner and lighter with this invigorating practice!


Image by Elena Kloppenburg


Our lively and vigorous Barre session will have you looking forward to your next class!

Designed to strengthen, tighten and tone, this barre workout flows through high-powered sequences that specifically

target the arms, legs and core resuiting in a long and lean physique. Each session incorporates a variety of props to keep

your body (and mind!) guessing and also offers modifications that will continually keep you motivated and energized.

This intense class will challenge and change your body from the ground up_-no dance experience required!



Mat Pilates is a wonderful addition to our timetable where students aim to strengthen their "Powerhouse" (abdominals, lower back muscles, pelvic floor, hips and glutes). Discover how to really focus on your core, how to stabilise and move mindfully from it. Such a perfect addition to your weekly physical activity to strengthen right where we need it. Suitable for everyone as all exercises are modifiable.

Yoga Mat and Straps


Aerial Yoga is an incredibly decompressive and supportive experience for the whole body. We are so passionate about empowering you in your experience of Aerial Yoga and pride ourselves in giving you the tools to feel secure & confident in your practice. We offer classes for beginners and the option to move your practice up a level with our intermediate and advanced sessions

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