When you enter this space, you will see markings on the floor to roll your mat back from, keeping to these markings will ensure we are following all social distancing guidelines. We can now have 14 people in class. Each mat marking will also have a basket next to it, this is for your personal belongings to reduce any localised gatherings.  So it's straight to your line, and set up from there. Shoes, bag, etc go in the basket.  There will be 2 clean studio blocks in each basket ready for your use. 

There is no change to our phone policy -  if you bring it in, it's on silent, or simply leave it in the car.

Bikes are spaced as such that we can still get our 9 plus teacher in the room - we have had to move the outside bikes close to the wall, this only means that we will alter our arm workouts to suit the limited space. The front bikes are now in line with the teacher. We will not be supplying towels during this time. Each bike will have their own basket for your belongings and your weights. 



Students and Teachers - If you feel unwell, please stay home. On entry to each studio, please use the hand sanitiser provided. If you use tissues throw them straight into the bin or in the basket at your bike or mat and take them with you when you leave.

Yoga Room - All students will wash any studio equipment they used with the soapy water provided and leave in the basket by your mat space.

zen.CYCLE Room - All students will continue to wash their spin bikes following their class, ensuring that they wipe handlebars, seats, weights and adjustment levers with the soapy water provided.

There will not be any Yoga, Pilates and zen.CYCLE classes starting or finishing at the same time. There will also not be the ability to stay in either space and chat after class - sorry - hopefully this will return soon as I know this is important for us as a family.

All equipment and baskets will then be disinfected after each use by a staff member.


We ask that you bring your own equipment where possible, in particular a yoga mat and towel. We do have yoga mats and can provide them, but they will incur a $2 cleaning fee each time.

In Gentle Yin and Restorative Yoga you will need to bring your own bolster and blanket - this type of studio equipment cannot be used by students due to the impossible task of washing after every class.

As stated above, 2 blocks will be in your basket for every class. No need to bring blocks.
We will not use straps or yoga wheels during this time.

We have bolsters for sale in studio at $85 - please purchase online at and they can then be collected at your next class.


Please make sure you book through our online booking system, or the app. Bookings can now only be cancelled up to 6 hours prior to class commencement. Cancellations after this time will see credits retained for those on class packs. For members there will be an associated fee of $5 depending on whether or not there is wait list. No shows will incur the cancellation fee regardless. 6 hours gives those on wait lists enough time to book. You can still late cancel and the wait listed people will still be informed and if your spot is filled, then no fees will be applied.