Divine Acceptance is a program designed for teenage girls aged between 12 and 16. Over four weeks the program will introduce methods such as Meridians, Chakras, crystal connection, breathing techniques, yogic movements, mindfulness, intention setting and meditations to assist the young women in finding moments of peace and self acceptance through these busy, confusing years.

Radiant Women, Kris and Terri, are both holders of Blue Cards and have teenage daughters of their own.  We both agree that when dealing with mindfulness and self-reflection activities, small groups are perfect and therefore will take a maximum of 14 girls aged between 12 and 16.


Week 1 - Divine Warrior

Earth, Root, Survival

Building anything, physical or material, is made so much easier when we are on a solid, stable ground.

The Divine Warrior in us is always there to stabilise, protect, and balance.

Week 2 - Divine Goddess

Water, Sacral, Emotions - Metal, Solar Plexus, Self-Confidence

The Divine Goddess is greatly admired by others, sometimes without even knowing it.

She is also wise and cautious, looking back on lessons learned and looking forward to choose future experiences.

Week 3 - Divine Butterfly

Wood, Throat, Expression - Fire, Heart, Love for Self & Others

The Divine Butterfly is cyclic and expressive in nature, like us, in life we do things, stop doing them, and then do something else. On a day to day, month to month, year to year basis, we cycle through different experiences. 

Week 4- Divine Acceptance

Yin and Yang, Third Eye & Crown

Divine Acceptance, the core of our imagination centre, the creation of thoughts, feeling, actions.

Yin could not exist without Yang - just like night could not exist without day, cold could not exist without hot.

Love can not exist without hate.....

We need both the Yin and the Yang, both comparative qualities or "points of view" to soften the criticism, achieve balance

and discover self-acceptance. 

Term 2 Dates TBA


Bookings are essential and there are no casual attendance, refunds or make ups. 

Each girl will get a gift at the end relevant to chakra, sense of smell and love.

When you sign up as a parent, please do so under YOUR NAME, we will contact you for details about your daughter prior to commencement.

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