Kids Yoga

8 Week Term

There is so much to be said about incorporating Yoga into your life - from any age - so if we have the ability of teaching our children the beauty of movement, stillness, mindfulness and meditation - why not?

​Technology has brought with it a more sedentary life for everyone, including children, which makes it extremely important to encourage any form of physical and mental activity. Yoga for kids has the advantage of being very adaptable. Even children that dislike or have difficulties in more active sports can benefit from it.

Kids love learning to fly like a crow, stand like a tree and leap like a lizard. They also take away the practice of breath control and gain tools to use to calm, relax and peel away stress.

Suitable for kids aged 6 to 15
​8 week term $120 for 1 child
8 week term $220 for 2 children
8 week term $300 for 3 children


Payment plans available

​Casual $17/lesson

​Children are welcome to join any time during the term with price reflecting remaining lessons.

​Children in package must be siblings.

​For bookings contact the Terri on 0417 821 682.

​Mondays 4.15 to 5pm
February 3rd to March 23rd 2020
All equipment provided.

Mid term prices available - please contact us to book


All equipment provided. Please disclose any health concerns with your teacher and it is advisable to consult your Doctor or Health Professional prior to commencing any new form of physical activity. Parents are to wait outside studio, and be on time to pick children up on completion.