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I started practicing yoga when I was 17, tagging along to classes with my Mum here and there, just thinking I was going to gain some flexibility and maybe a bit of strength. I never anticipated, however, that it would eventually change my whole attitude towards life whilst nurturing my body, mind and spirit simultaneously.

The movement alone allowed me to practice patience, learn to accept temporary discomfort and listen to my body. There is no winning or losing in yoga, no success or failure, just a journey taking place within your own body and mind. In a time where we focus so much on comparing ourselves to friends, family and even strangers online, yoga can allow for a much needed break from this cycle and make apparent what matters in the present.

Experiencing the benefits of yoga first hand inspired me to complete a 200hr training at Krishna Village. I enjoy teaching in a flowing Vinyasa style and making sure my classes are accessible to all levels of ability. No belief system is necessary to enjoy yoga, as the poses and breath themselves will leave you feeling reinvigorated and light.

I don't know who said it, but my favourite quote is "peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to copy with it." I believe that no matter what you come to yoga for, you will be able to take some kind of peace away with you!

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