Embrace Your

Inner Talents

Join Terri on this Eight Week Workshop to balance chakras through Breath, Movement & Meditation. If you love Restorative Yoga - this workshop will give you the tools to recognise blockages and introduce a home practice to clear and calm.

Acceptance, Creativity, Commitment, Compassion, Truth, Intuition, Boundlessness, Radiance

Our world is constantly changing, our lives a busy blur with years coming and going at a rate that I personally find staggering. More and more people are being ruled by anxiety, with depression silently eating them up inside. 

Medical science is slowly catching up with the fact that meditation not only increases the longevity of our brains, but also creates peace, calm and balance within. In all my years of teaching yoga, I have noticed that students who meditate regularly seem to have very few sleeping problems, with ongoing research proving these techniques really do work.

Not only sleep can be improved - studies have shown, that a percentage of those who participated in a study of those suffering from chronic pain, were able to reduce or even omit their pain medication. These findings confirm what I personally have experienced, and what I see in my students - meditation, movement and breath control....... can revolutionise your health.

"There are zillions of thoughts, millions of feelings, hundreds of thousands of emotions, and thousands of desires. This is the grinding wheel through which humanity is being milled, and we have to reverse this grinding wheel of pain into a force of happiness   

​This 8 week workshop will connect with each Human Talent via chakra activation through meditation, breath control, movement, intention setting, sound therapy and discussion.


Acceptance - The First Chakra - Red

Root - Earth Element

If the roots aren't deep - the tree can't stand the weather..... Yogi Bhajan

This chakra is where habits rule, our place of automatic, patterned behaviour - what we learn and instinctually use to survive.  When this chakra is open we feel grounded, rational and calm. When our first chakra is blocked we tend to show signs of resentment, insecurity, restlessness.


Creativity - The Second Chakra - Orange

Solar Plexus - Water Element

To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong..... Joseph Chilton Pearce

Our second chakra is about about desire, passion, duality, polarities, movement, change and creativity. When you are vibrating positively from this centre, life is colourful, vibrant and deeply meaningful. When blocked life can feel empty, tedious and boring.


Commitment - The Third Chakra - Yellow

Sacral - Fire Element

The most basic commitment any human can make is the commitment to being fully alive.... Gurmukh

The third chakra encompasses the entire digestive system of the body. When Manipura is balanced, we feel energetic, orgniased and goal oriented. When out of balance, we may seem or feel scattered, unfocused, lethargic lacking ability to manifest dreams into reality.


Compassion - The Fourth Chakra - Green

Heart - Air Element

Your heart has not to open to others.... Your heart has to open to yourself...

Self-rejection can bring you a lot of pain. Learn to love yourself...  Yogi Bhajan

Our heart centre​, maybe the most powerful of all with every sentiment in the world emanating from this centre. The home of compassion, breeder of kindness and goodwill to all. Your entire bloodstream pumps through this centre, nurturing every organ of the body. When radiating through this centre, we don't vibrate as "me" and "you" - we vibrate as "us" & "we". The emotion fear is one darker side to the heart chakra - fear of losing the object of your love, fear of attachment, fear of getting hurt.


Truth - The Fifth Chakra - Blue

Throat - Ether Element

The human voice is designed to sing, and our soul is a song in our hearts that must be heard.... Gurmukh

It is here​ we learn what our voices, our authentic voices are meant to say to the world. Even if you cannot carry a tune - sing. When we sing, we are more in touch with our soul. The throat chakra opens and connects with the heart. When balanced, you can communicate easily, effectively and truthfully. When this chakra is blocked, you may find you over talk,or cannot voice your truth,  needs and desires.


Intuition - The Sixth Chakra - Indigo

Third Eye - No Element

As human beings we were not given claws, thorns, or hooves to shield ourselves. Instead the Creator gave us the ability to develop our intuition for protection.... Yogi Bhajan

The human talent of intuition is located here. There is no corresponding element for these remaining 3 chakras as we move into the higher realms of intellect and spirituality. We move into thought and spirit. When the sixth chakra is balanced, we think straight and are able to "read between the lines"​ so to speak. When blocked we feel confused and frustrated with the inability to focus.


Boundlessness - The Seventh Chakra - Violet

Crown - No Element

Boundlessness is about letting go of control

Meditation increases the longevity of our brains, and medical science certainly seems to be catching up to that belief. This chakra is our sense of enlightenment, a reminder that we are a small part of a greater whole. When out of balance, we can find it hard to focus, or that our life is one continuous drama without the ability to see beyond our own little corner.

Electromagnetic Field

Radiance - The Eighth Chakra - White

Aura - No Element

People lie...  Auras never lie... Yogi Bhajan

This electromagnetic field surrounds our entire body emanating radiance. It is a scientific fact that our bodies are electrical organisms. All messages carried on our neural pathways are transmitted electrically. A result of this, is we have an electromagnetic field that emanates from us. If all your chakras are balanced, the surface of this field is smooth, if not, there are dimples or pockets that appear. This chakra is really the culmination of the powers of the other seven.


Mondays 7 to 8.15pm

27th April to 15th June

Limited Spaces Available

Members $120

Non - Members $200

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"Emotions are like guests. They should be treated very nicely and gently,

and sent away if they don't fit in."​... Yogi Bhajan

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** This workshop is open to all sexes and ages from 15 up.