Join Terri from arise.YOGA and Kris from Gentle Balance Kinesiology and Holistic Health on this journey of empowering connections and community, a refuge of trust and love, a safe place to sit and share with a circle of strong, beautiful women...... just like you

i am unique

i am courageous

i am worthy

i am passionate

i am powerful

i am a survivor

Our world is constantly changing, our lives a busy blur with years coming and going at a rate that I personally find staggering. More and more people are being ruled by anxiety, with depression silently eating them up inside. 

Each time Women gather in circles with each other, the World heals a little more. 

A Women’s circle is a safe and sacred space for Women to come together, use their voices, be heard and be seen. Women throughout history have gathered in circles to empower each other and share wisdom. These affirming community gatherings help Women get in touch with their feminine strength and turn up their positive vibration. With life, expectations and politics dividing us further every day, Women need community more than ever.

What to Expect

Each week we will explore our set affirmation and travel through meditations created specifically to take your mind elsewhere or no where - to remove the busyness and create lengthy moments of space.

Each week we will move our bodies gently and mindfully through Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga and Thai Chi inspired flows to fall in love with ourselves, as we are, in our absolute, raw beauty.

Each week we will connect with other women through chanting, discussions and energy.

Each week you will discover your bodies ability to find balance through the use of Reiki, Crystals and Breath.

Each week you will discover how these affirmations align with your Chakras and how to activate these energy centres accordingly.

Each week you will fall more and more in love with yourself, with all that you are, all that you offer, all that you have, all that you give..... each week you will realise the truth in what others see in you.


"The circles of Women around us weave invisible nets of love, that carry us

when we're weak and sing with us when we're strong" ..... Sark


Investment is $180 for 6 sessions upfront

or $35/session casually

** This workshop is open to all Women from 15 up.
Chairs available and assistance.