Our body is a work of both art and science. Our physical form is the most beautiful, unique and naturally formed artwork available, and our life force is supported and driven by a science so complex that no machine has ever been devised that is as complex or artful as our own human body.  Our bodies are complex busy worlds within busy worlds… vast and full of mysteries…. which we may never understand.


We may all be unique in looks, personalities and desires, but where we do not differ is our life force, our use of energies to breathe, to think, to move, to live.


Our prana, the divine energy which gives us life and consciousness, comes into the body from the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the absorption of energies all around us. Prana travels to every single cell in the body through tiny channels called Nadis. The three main Nadis in the body are the ida, pingala and sushumna, which all start at the base of the spine….. Muladhara or Root Chakra and travel upwards.


The ida and pingala nadis crisscross each other as they spiral upwards and connect to opposite nostrils, while the sushumna travels straight up the spine to the crown of the head. The remaining chakras are located where the ida and pingala cross each other and intersect with sushumna.


With this very small snippet of information about our Chakra’s, it makes sense to ground from Muladhara, our first root chakra – where it all begins. Just like a tree establishing its root system before lengthening, growing, expanding and being magnificent, if the roots aren’t deep enough, the tree can’t stand the weather. Therefore, if we ground, balance and clear our base, our root connection, our self acceptance, this will allow the remaining chakras to open and radiate with ease.


This six week journey will be guided by Terri and supported by Kris from Radiant Women and will be held at arise.YOGA every Thursday from 6.30 to 7.45pm. Each week we will carry out a series of Kundalini Kriya's which are combinations of movements, breath, mudra’s, music and mantra's to shift your mental attention along certain pathways of energy within your body. This defined energy movement is not designed to “fix” you, it’s designed to reconnect you to how wonderful and perfect you already are.

Each week will be similar giving you the opportunity to learn and understand the movements in the hope to begin a small home practice to gain the most out of the practice and to begin to remove any barriers, shift addictions and focus on desires that may currently seem out of reach. 

There will be electronic handouts to offer you a Sadhana to perform in your own space and time with the aim to achieve 40 days straight. Sadhana is the ultimate victory of the self. There is nothing equal to it. It is said that with a regular Sadhana you will come out a winner, with a clearer mind and a clearer vision...

This Workshop can be performed in a chair, including a wheel chair and the studio has ramp access, please request this requirement at time of booking.


Sign up below, in studio, or call Terri on 0417 821 682

Thursdays 6.30 to 7.45pm (75 minutes)

25th July to 29th August 2019

$25 ($15 Members - book in studio)


Bring a scarf, socks & water bottle.

All equipment supplied

Room is warm