Opening Meditation

We being our morning with a grounding, Kundalini Style Meditation led by Josie to center ourselves, drop into the mind-body and set firmly, our intentions for the day ahead.

Restorative Yoga

Its then time to settle in for some Restorative Yoga with Josie. We will lengthen, hydrate and detoxify the body and soothe the mind in this 90 Minute Session. You will also be invited to explore some self massage techniques through Myofascial Release Techniques

Tai Chi

We then move into our Tai Chi session with the beautiful Molly Carrigan. Tai Chi is an ancient practice that cultivates the qi or life energy within us to flow smoothly and powerfully throughout the body. 

Slow Flow

Josie will guide you through a dynamic practice of flowing movement to invigorate and connect you with your breath and self expression through movement. This will be a mix of Vinyasa, Katonah and Hatha Styles of Yoga


Lunch will then be provided with varying options to suit most. Please advise us of any dietary requirements when completing your booking. This will be a nice opportunity for you to connect with others or take some moments of solitude in the garden to reflect on your journey so far

Soften and Swing

This final session introduces you to the luxurious feeling of being completely held and support by our Aerial Silks. This session is purely restorative and will lead you to discover the magic of the silks through a releasing and decrompressive session

Tea and Oracles 

We then break for some ice tea to cool down and relax on the deck, setting up for our restorative session. Oracles cards will be made available to conduct a self reading prior to our next session. 

Chakra Balance and Enerrgy Reading

Join Kris Lipp, certified Kinesiologist and Reiki Master for a Chakra Balancing session in which you will learn how to balance and read your energy using a Crystal Pendulum which you will be gifted to take home to continue your self study. 

Closing Meditation

Kris will close the retreat with a final meditation that will reconnect us with our intentions for our retreat, guiding you back through the Chakras to leave you with a sense of balance, buoyancy and bliss as you leave the studio refreshed and renewed. 

$135 per person, discounts available for group bookings.

Please advise us of any dietary requirements you may have so we can adjust to accommodate you. 

This package is transferable should you not be able to attend and wish to nominate someone to attend in you place.