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Guess what? I couldn't touch my toes either when I first started yoga!

I dont think I'm your stereotypical yogi. You won't hear a lot of Sanskrit from me in our classes. And I'm not going to take you on big philosophical journey. I believe if you want that you will find it when you are ready for it.

I started practicing yoga due to my own body fighting me with pain, I needed to keep it moving but in a gentle way. I kind of just fell in love with yoga, and very quickly fell in to teaching. And I love being able to share it with you. From the very start, I said I want to make yoga accessible to everyone; you don't need to be a hippie, you don't need to be "searching for something within" to enjoy yoga. If its just a workout for you, that is fine by me!

I dont class plan, who knows who is going to walk through that door and join us, or what mood we are in when we flick out our mat. I pick up your vibe and we just roll with that. I do try to work towards something over a few weeks, but we just get creative with how we get there.

Beginners, intermediate, advanced, bring on the dudes, the ladies and the elderly, I want you all in my class!! And I have something for all of you. You might hear me in walking around giving individuals a slight variation - I like to take the time to tailor it for you and for your body, because we are all different.

I also love to throw you a personal physical challenge every now again, which is usually just a mental challenge in disguise, so just trust me, I've got you. See you soon.

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