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As the name suggests, this style of yoga “restores” the body to a state of ease and relaxation, giving your body some well deserved time to rest, heal, and restore balance. This 90 minute session is your chance to switch off while we guide you through deeply relaxing practice. 



At Arise Yoga, we want to simplify self-care and give you the tools to create meaningful practices that work for you. These workshops combine scientific knowledge  with ancient wisdom to empower you to create a deeply nurturing and effective Self Care Practice.  Our Self Care Sunday Series will take you on a deep dive through all aspects of your wellbeing, from the basic Physiological level to the complexities of Self Actualiztion. 

Image by Carli Jeen
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Foundations Workshop

Aerial Yoga is an incredibly decompressive and supportive experience for the whole body. Often referred to as Anti-gravity Yoga, our Foundations Workshop takes you through a staged approach and welcomes everyone from beginners to the seasoned Yogi. Stages are run over 4 days and must be completed in sequence. 


Kids love learning to fly like a crow, stand like a tree and leap like a lizard. They also take away the practice of breath control and gain tools to use to calm, relax and peel away stress. Our Kids Yoga Workshops encourage creative expression, mindful movement and teach our littlest Yogi's the importance of self care and compassion

School Kids Meditating
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Ever wanted to start or get back into yoga? This popular Beginner's Yoga Workshop is a great way to gain the confidence and encouragement you may be looking for to begin or revisit your Yoga journey. We aim to prepare you for what you could expect when attending a Yoga class.

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