Mini Studio Retreats

Are held in the comfort of arise.YOGA studio. They are 3 hour journeys taking you through different forms of movement, pranayama, meditation and stillness to clean and clear the mind of busyness and chatter and allow yourselves to be still and serene.


Fully Catered Mini Retreats - offsite

This is where we travel a short distance to one of our stunning local retreat locations and spend the entire day together. The morning takes us through different forms of movement and mindfulness before being served a two course lunch. Following this we may embark on a bush walk or some nature meditation before wrapping up our day with a 90 minute Restorative Yoga Practice.



Fully Inclusive Weekend Retreats - offsite

A full weekend of Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Food and Relaxation. The perfect way to reboot over a weekend of nothing to do but all of the above.

We set intentions, we breath, we move, we remain still, we dive deep within ourselves to learn, to feel and to love



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