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zen.CYCLE is a high cardio, low impact, indoor stationary cycle class to burn calories, increase strength and get those endorphins flowing. 

It's crazy fun with music, teachers who think they can sing... some aren't half bad, add some hand weights, and you have yourself a fun, sweaty, feel good class. We may even throw in some upper body dance moves when you least expect it to make sure you have yourself a spinning good time.

Bring a water bottle, wear sports shoes & socks, and be ready for some sweaty fun.

We will provide you with a towel, fabulous teacher, airconditioned room and awesome music.

Arrive 10 MINUTES EARLY for your first class so we can check you in, show you the ropes, & get you ready for the best sweat session of your life. Our friendly team will be there to show you around, and help you get the perfect set up on your bike.

It takes 5 sessions to get your groove - so what are you waiting for?

Trial us on a 10 day, $25 pass.


zen.CYCLE is a 40 minute sweat sesh combining hill climbs, racing, racing hill climbs, rolling hills, and a super cool weighted arm workout.... it's all on offer in this quick fix class.

zen.EXPRESS is a new addition to our timetable giving you a quick and efficient 30 minute HIIT sesh. Hill climbs, racing, racing hill climbs, rolling hills.... minus the arm workout.... over before you get to warm up your voice.

zen.CYCLE is currently only available at our Highfields Studio.


Our studio is equipment with one of the best spinning bikes on the market - Body Bike.

Smooth, comfortable, and regularly maintained.